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Quotes Dear Vicki, It was a pleasure for my sister Barb and I to meet you Yesterday. Your messages about my dad were very calming. We were hoping to receive messages from our parents. My dad tragically in a fire from smoke inhalation in 1989. My mom was not communicating with us just with my aunt and cousin. I found my mom dead the morning I was to take her to donate her blood for her knee replacement. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, I feel that her death was quick and painless and she entered heaven peacefully. Gerda told us she is happy and is watching over my aunt and cousin. I am guessing that is because dad is with us. My husband was happy to know my dad is with him. You?re a very special person, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Kathy Quotes
Thank you

Quotes Vicki, Thank you for participating at our home circle. You gave so many meaningful messages and touched everyone's hearts. You have an amazing gift and are truely blessed. With much Love, Josie Quotes
Thanks soooo very much!

Quotes My reading was absolutely stupendous. Vicky described my house; no she has never been here. Then she described a book where it was and what page to turn to. Talk about detail! You have a fabulous gift. Thank you Quotes
Penny Davis

Quotes I might add that I have wanted a reading from you for so very long, so that was very pleasing to me and I thank you for that. Anyway, Your reading was right on for me. You said that I had been down and you motioned a flat plateau as you spoke. You went on to say that I have been climbing (and motioned) a much higher point. You then added that They were telling you that I had work to do that they cannot do it on their own. You said again that I had work to do. All this was a sure and very accuarate reading for me. Quotes

Quotes Hello Vicki, Recently my little sister went to the psychic fair that you attended and raved about how wonderful the in depth reading you gave for her was. I was just wondering what your rates were for one on one readings in the Binghamton area. I also was wondering if you did group parties and the avg charge for that. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Lisa Quotes